what makes good religion goes bad?

what are the factors that make religion becomes bad?
is religion itself good?
how do people use their religion to justify their actions as well as their moral values?


  1. Jaysinh
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    Religion can never be bad at all. Otherwise it is not religion but it can be branded as misguiding under name of religion.It is the myopic followers of any religion that spoil the name of real religion.Good religion reflects continuously from behavior of its followers.
  2. Don't sell my shorts
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    There is nothing good about religion that couldn’t be accomplished anywhere else.

    What makes religion bad is that it teaches lies and impossible scenarios as if they’re somehow real science. Also how they tell people how to treat other people depending on who they have sex with and if they have a penis or not.

  3. Gregory
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    a good religion never goes bad

    it was bad from the start if it is bad

  4. Tiger
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    False teaching, false teachers, twisting Scripture. Any kind of add-ons based on dreams, visions prophesies, traditions and pure fantasy. Only Sola Scriptura can give healthy sound teaching and keep people rightly saved and sanctified in Christ.


  5. Spiral Limit
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    It all starts with grammar

  6. ??????? ??ll?q? ???????
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    Some use Religion to profit and pilfer, while others use it to save and redeem.
    Some use science in a destructive way, while others use it to benefit mankind.
    Some use capitalism for charity and trade, while others us it to enslave and exploit.
    Some use weapons to shoot game, while others use weapons against their fellow men.
    Some use words for poetry, humility and the efficacious expediency of wisdom, while others use words to obfuscate, to circumscribe minds and bind society with Laws.


  7. a_atawy
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    As any movement, once it gets traction and becomes popular enough, it turns into a power and money machine. And once that happens, not only the good guys get sidelined, but greedy bastards take over, and declare themselves the sole owners of the religion. Then it becomes a huge corruption machine.

  8. ?
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    anything that is built upon lies was never good in the first place

  9. Oleg
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    Humans are imperfect, and want to follow their own traditions, instead of God’s.

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