What is the meaning of the pinecone statue and courtyard in the Vatican City?

Their is a huge bronze pine cone statue in the Pine cone Court within the Vatican City, during my studies, the symbolic meaning of the pine cone is to represent the Pineal gland, which (as some of you know) controls the melatonin in your body and is shaped like a pine cone, hence the name. Some also call it the “third eye”. Why then, is it present in the Vatican City? What kind of meaning do they (the church) tie to it?
Please, serious answers only.
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    COURTYARD OF THE PIGNAThis courtyard off the Vatican Museum, designed by Bramante, a huge pinecone, which was once part of a fountain, and a giant head of Octavia (Roman matron, sister of Emperor Augustus and wife of Marc Antony).The giant pinecone represents the Pineal Gland, it is a remnant of the Old (Constantinian) St. Peter's Basilica. The pinecone can be found in almost every religion, there is also a pinecone on the Pope's Staff.Be Blessed:-)
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    The 1st century Roman bronze Pigna is a most conspicuous use of ancient regenerative symbolism. This symbol, representing eternal life, originally graced the temple of fair Isis. The Roman Catholic Church built the Vatican over the ruins and happily installed the fountain as a center piece of their courtyard. One point, while pagan in origin, the pine cone represents eternal life to the Church as well.

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    Sometimes art is just art.

    The colossal bronze pine cone was cast in the 1st or 2nd century by Publius Cincius Salvius who left his name on the base.

    This was way before the Catholic Church was given the property upon which Vatican City sits. There is much pre-Christian and non-Christian art in the Vatican and its museums.

    With love in Christ.

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    hello , as afar as I know (which is not large) The largest pinecone in the world is the Court of the Pine Cone, at the Vatican.
    The pope carries a pine cone mounted on his staff because Pine cones are important symbols of spiritual regeneration, fruitfulness and eternal life in the Vatican City.

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